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Providing a wonderful service while saving the customer money is our goal



Why pay thousands of pounds to sell your home? With a traditional agent, the disgusting fees they charge are used to pay for office space, business rates, heating, lighting, insurance and the high flying agents company car. The list goes on..


The world has changed from a time of 20 years ago where the traditional, old fashioned agent had it's place. Once upon a time, the window displays, the shiny polished printed schedules and ads in the local paper were essential for an estate agency to operate. These are simply not required these days. In the digital age, people have access to information immediately at the touch of a button.


Our first property we sold (51A Drip Road) was uploaded to Rightmove at 10:30am. We accepted an offer at 13:30 the same day. Selling a home in 3 hours via the old fashioned traditional way would be unheard of.


When it comes to commission, the public are being ripped off. With local agents charging 1% commission (plus an initial fee, plus VAT) on the sale price of a home, the person selling a £200,000 home pays double the fees of someone selling a £100,000 home? 


Why do they do this? Because agents can, and they do! An appalling model.


Don't just take our word for it, read this article below:


The Spectator magazine: Internet Agents